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The Fourth Heritage Initiative


ISSUE NO 04 l Nov/Dec 2022 l Vol 01

The Kenyan Prime Minister Hon. Musalia Mudavadi  

Receiving a copy of ‘Beyond the Fourth Heritage’ from our Chairman Mr. Kirunda. London Dec 6 th , 2022

1. Gifting a copy of ‘Beyond the Fourth Heritage’

Our Chairman Mr. Emmanuel Kirunda attended a breakfast meeting with the Kenyan Prime Cabinet Secretary (Prime Minister) Hon. Musalia Mudavadi in London on the 6 th of December. Even if the meeting was about investment opportunities in Kenya, Mr. Kirunda had a side chat with the Prime Cabinet Secretary and gifted him an autographed copy of ‘Beyond the Fourth Heritage’. The autograph in the book read :

“To Hon Musalia Mudavadi , may the ideas of the Fourth Heritage inspire us Africans to transcend the tribal mindset”

2. The second Monthly Roundtable meeting

On Nov 13th, we held the 2ndmonthly roundtable discussion on Twitter Spaces. The meeting was well attended and recorded.

Some of the main takeaway were :

1)Mr.Kirunda has embarked on creating an Individuation Matrix to measure people’s propensity to change theirmindsets.

2)We have lost touch with the website guy hence that’s why even the 4HI Launch day material arenotyet updated onthesite.

3)The chairman reiterated the point that we have come together because of the writings of the 4th Heritage books. Thisisunique because we Africans have an oral tradition.

4)We welcomed Mutesi Immaculate to the 4HI organisation.

3. In early December we got in touch with the website developer , after 4 months of no communication. Subsequently, we have now updated the website with the Sept Launch day material (see above).

4. Timothy Mununuzi , one of our Directors, completed writing his first book ‘The African Road to Freedom’

We congratulate Tim on this monumental task. One of the main reasons Africa is backward, and what leads credence to us being a ‘dark continent’ is that we are the last people to remain tribal, relying only on oral tradition. It is only when we start writing books, such as Tim’s book, that we shall get onto that road out of being the ‘dark

Other November/December Updates

We had some good discussions on the Whatsappgroup throughout the month. Two that stand out are:

1) A discussion about how well-meaning people in the West placate Africans with statements such as ‘The West istheretokeepAfricanspoor’.Suchstatementsworktomake Africans stay in an eternal victimhood mindset, as they work to make us passive people, who are comfortable with the news that it is otherpeoplewho are responsibleforourbadstandinginthe world.

2)A discussion around the fact that our ancestors were passive when the European ancestors went exploring around the world. Now wehave to line up for visas to go to America, Australia, etc.  Similarly, in the future, Africans will line up at Mars Embassies begging for visas from those who are curiously exploring now.

Article By Emmanuel Kirunda