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Beyond the Fourth Heritage

A Personal View on How to Transcend Our Heritages of Birth

A unique blend of memoir, academic treatise and self-help, the book is optimistic, open and honest in its approach and will educate and move you to tap into the often ignored sense that you are destined for – and capable of – something far greater.

What happens when you are finally comfortable with the choice of your dominant heritage of birth? Whether it is the tribal, national or religious heritage, what then?

The author answers this question, by arguing that the next logical step is for each of us to become co-creators beyond the comforts of our heritages of birth. If we each don’t transcend our first heritages, we sabotage our self-actualization and forfeit our natural obligation to leave the world a better place than we found it.

And it results in a continued fracture of self-identity and society as a whole.

The Fourth Republic

The book attempts to propose an original model for Ugandan nation building and offer each citizen a personal “Ugandan dream”.

The Fourth Heritage

This is a must-read for anyone interested in learning about the African tribal mind and its interpretation of the world as dominated by Eurocentric ideals.

In a brutally honest and yet reflective writing, Mr. Kirunda offers his critique from a uniquely African perspective. Written in the author’s third language, English, this book attempts to use simple yet powerful reasoning to advocate a paradigm shift in the way Ugandans look at their tribal, religious and European/Colonial heritages. In a style rare to many African writings, Mr. Kirunda vividly describes his tribal life and the impact his parents had on his worldview. He then offers an unusually cold and intimate analysis of: the cultural confusion within the Uganda society, his personal hypothesis of why the Americans, Germans and Japanese are economically developed, the hindrances to development in Uganda, and his personal creative proposal of The Fourth Heritage as a way to integrate the triple heritages and also solve the fundamental hindrances to development.

Books by Board Member Fagil Mandy

Self Engineering: A True Story About Success

This is the story about the life of a man who benefitted greatly from formal and informal training programmes, who worked from the bottom to near the top, and who parented his children to economic and social independence.

He created a social impact, particularly in the education sphere in Uganda. This is a story about success and how the reader can benefit from similar experiences to be even more successful in life. The reader is definitely the chief engineer of their own success. This story could be yours.