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ISSUE NO 04 l Nov/Dec 2022 l Vol 01

Jennifer Mudondo

The latest reader of  ‘Beyond the Fourth Heritage’

As I always do, I was very pleased to read a feedback from the newest reader of my third book ‘Beyond the Fourth Heritage’. Jennifer Mudondo, who first heard of the Fourth Heritage Initiative during the launch in September, bought herself a copy of the Uganda edition of the book. She was able to read it over a period of just two weeks. She is an author in her own right. Her most acclaimed book is ‘Giant in Hiding: A cry to the man to reposition himself as Head’ which was launched in July this year. The following is an excerpt from her commentary regarding the book.

Hello Emmanuel, many many thanks for your book Beyond The 4th Heritage.
Reading it, I got a bit emotional at several points as you made clearer and clearer the mental gap that we have suffered as Africans and its adverse effects.

I am glad that the book found me on the way polishing my own outlook and yet admit it also revealed to me serious pitfalls on my part! Imagine how far behind a person who is ignorant of all these things is!

The beginning of the book felt a bit heavy – like a history academic text book but because I somehow knew the ultimate end of your submission, I kept looking forward to the part that would reveal how to transcend. That said however, the latter part of the book wouldn’t have made sense without the first.

The climax for me was the last hypothesis that tasked me personally to get out of my comfort and do what I know has to be done to redeem the African race! But oh God, you researched! Well done brother!

Timothy celebrates his 6th anniversary of reading ‘Beyond the Fourth Heritage’

Another October update was by Timothy Mununuzi, who has read all three of my books. On October 28th, he wrote the following message in our whatsapp group:

Another October update was by Timothy Mununuzi, who has read all three of my books. On October 28th, he wrote the following message in our whatsapp group:

Ladies and gentlemen, today is a momentous  day in my life. Just felt like sharing it with you. Today marks 6 years since my life got turned around after reading Beyond the fourth heritage. I finished it a day just after my birthday at 11:10 pm. In simple words, it feels like I got born again after reading the book. A new world view as an African and individual is what I’m talking about!

For people who have lived more than six years without limiting worldviews that Mr. Kirunda Emmanuel talks about in Beyond the Fourth heritage, I am proud to call you big brothers and big sisters because I know there’s much to learn from you. For me, I’m just a ka baby- 6 years old in this new life. If I read Beyond the fourth heritage quite earlier, I know for a fact l, I would be much better than I am now.

Reflecting  on the time and mental energy I wasted on things that I now perceive as self-defeating, I feel so sad about it, even more when I see some people going through the same. Nevertheless, that’s how we learn and what matters most now is that I got fortunate to land in the right boat and I can help others too land there. The journey continues.

Other October Updates

  • We held the first monthly Roundtable discussion virtually on Twitter Spaces. The meeting was well attended and everyone present participated in the discussions, unfortunately it was not recorded. We shall endeavour to record all future monthly meetings so that those not present can listen to the recordings. The talking points from me were as follows:
    We have come together to participate in these monthly meetings because of the writings of the Fourth Heritage books. This is special because as Africans, we are traditionally oral people, and not many of us give interest to things of a written nature. So our coming together is special.
  • My latest paper ‘Mindshift 2090’ which you can download from the website aims to inspire us to concentrate our minds and sacrifice so that in 68 years (by 2090) we can help create a movement that works to orient our grandchildren to have identities beyond the limits of the triple heritages (tribes, religions, colonialism) the same way the colonialists managed to create a new identity for us called ‘Uganda’ during the 68 years of colonisation.
  • Mindsets can only be changed either through reading, travelling or having an epiphany/a sudden consciousness altering experience. The Fourth heritage initiative is here to inspire the change of our minds via the first option. So if you happen to be interested in the works we are doing, the first step is for you to read one of the Fourth heritage books.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the discussions on the whatspp group or the monthly roundtable.
Article By Emmanuel Kirunda